Why you should go on a Where’s Mollie Global Travellers Adventure!

by Katja Kaven

When you are solo traveling, like I am at the moment, it’s always a good idea to book onto group tours. However, you don’t necessarily know whether the tour will be good, the people will be nice, it will be worth the money. This is exactly why I want to recommend you a tour operator I know you will have the time of your life with. Keep reading for my five (plus one bonus) reasons for why you should go on a Where’s Mollie Global Travellers Adventure.

Disclaimer: this blog post may be biased because I’ve been a huge Where’s Mollie? fan ever since I’ve stumbled across her blog and am even more after meeting her and getting to know her lovely personality. However, there wasn’t one person on this trip who didn’t love it, so I’m guessing you would, too!

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What is Where’s Mollie Global Travellers (WMGT)?

If you’ve ever researched any travel-related blog posts (especially on Australia), you’ve probably come across a blog called Where’s Mollie?. Mollie started traveling after her A-Levels and has put out a lot of helpful content over the years. In fact, I’ve used her travel and adventure lifestyle blog to prepare for every single country I’ve been to on my trip so far.

In 2017, she launched WGMT. What began as a platform for travelers to exchange tips and connect quickly turned into Mollie becoming a tour operator and hosting her first adventure. So far, she held events in the UK, Australia, and Croatia. I was lucky enough to be part of WMGT Adventure #8 in Byron Bay!

So, why should you go on a Where’s Mollie Global Travellers Adventure?

1. It’s never been easier to meet like-minded people

The typical Where’s Mollie Global Traveller (in my experience) is 18-30 years old, open-minded and up for a good time. Before the adventure even started, I had already met two girls I got along with great. Now after the event, I can honestly say that there wasn’t one person on this trip I wouldn’t hang out with again. I’m not sure of how exactly she achieved it but cheers to Mollie for building a community full of awesome people!

The friends I've made on Where's Mollie Global Travellers
(by Mollie Bylett) I was lucky enough to be in a room with a group of awesome people

2. You’ll go on great adventures

Now this one obviously depends on where you’re going. But the four days of our adventure were packed with beautiful walks, BBQs, kayaking with dolphins, a road trip on the Happy Coach, Killen Falls, Tea Tree Lake, movie night and beach yoga. From what I’ve heard, each of her adventures really deserves to be called just that.

I could ramble on forever and tell you every little detail of the amazing things we did. Instead, I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Kayaking with Where's Mollie Global Travellers
(by Mollie Bylett) Kayaking with dolphins
The Where's Mollie Global Travellers Crew
(by Mollie Bylett) Road Trip time!
Road Tripping in Where's Mollie Global Travellers
(by Mollie Bylett) Killen Falls
Photo Shoot with Where's Mollie Global Travellers
(by Mollie Bylett) Tea Tree Lake
Sunrise Hike with Where's Mollie Global Travellers
(by Mollie Bylett) Sunrise at the Lighthouse
Yoga Session with Where's Mollie Global Travellers
(by Mollie Bylett) Yoga on the beach

Seriously, how are you not convinced to book onto one of Mollie’s adventures already?!

3. It’s super affordable

Probably because she’s been backpacking for years, Mollie knows about a backpacker’s budget. For adventure #8 which included accommodation, some of the meals, kayaking with dolphins, a full day road trip, and a private yoga session on the beach, we paid £275 (less than 310€). I challenge you to find another group tour that delivers the same value for a cheaper price!

4. Mollie will make sure you’ll have the best time ever

This is probably the biggest difference to other group tours I’ve been on. Mollie actually cares about the Global Travellers joining her on her adventures. She regularly checks in with everyone and makes sure that each and everyone is having a great time. You can come to her with all of your questions but she’s also just interested in your life. Starting at our very first meeting: everyone not only introduced themselves but also had to answer who they’d like to have dinner with.

Another group shot of Where's Mollie Global Travellers
(by Mollie Bylett) Mollie will make sure everyone is included at all times

Even at the risk of sounding like an absolute fangirl, I just have to emphasize that Mollie made the trip. She was always in a great mood, the life of the party, welcoming everyone. Overall, she felt more like a friend than a tour operator (without wanting to take away from her qualities as a tour operator, obviously!).

5. You’ll make friends for a lifetime

Now, I obviously can’t speak for a lifetime, seeing that our adventure just ended two days ago. But I definitely became great friends with some of whom I am currently spending some more days in Byron Bay. Traveling through Asia with one of them and other reunions are already in the planning. Judging from social media, there are a lot of Global Travellers still in touch even long after the adventures they’ve been on.

I am pretty confident I will stay in touch with lots of my fellow global travelers!

Bonus: You’ll get amazing pictures and an after movie of your time

As a full-time blogger, Mollie makes sure to get a lot of awesome shots on camera, GoPro, and drone. As you can see in this blog post, these alone are probably worth going on one of the WGMT adventures. Mollie also often releases an after movie to make sure that you won’t forget the incredible time you’ve had. (As if you’d need an after movie for that but it sure is nice to have).

(by Mollie Bylett) You don’t get shots like this on many other tours! (Yes, that’s us standing in a circle in the lake)

If you’re still not convinced, all I can say is that I had an amazing time and would do it again in a heartbeat. In fact, I’ll make sure I can to go to Mollie’s next adventures when and wherever they may be (to keep updated, follow @wheresmollie and @wmglobaltravellers on Instagram and keep your eyes open on the WMGT website). Don’t believe me? Check out other people’s reviews on the WMGT facebook page!

Have you’ve ever been to a WMGT adventure? As always, I’d love to hear about your experiences. If not, did this blog post convince you to check out one in the future?

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