Vegan in the Philippines

by Katja Kaven

Going to the Philippines? Amazing! Going to the Philippines as a vegan? You’re in for a challenge! Don’t get me wrong, the Philippines have been one of my two favorite countries while traveling but being vegan in the Philippines can be difficult depending on where you are. 

Some places have an abundance of vegan options while in other places all people seem to eat are fried meat and fried fish. Also, don’t be surprised when you’re ordering something “with vegetables” and all you get is two slices of cucumber and one slice of tomato. Don’t worry though, I’ll tell you all about being vegan in the Philippines!

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The following places are in order of how many vegan-friendly options I was able to find. If you are looking for an itinerary for the Philippines, stay tuned! I’ll publish a blog post about the perfect three-week itinerary in two weeks.



I had been counting down the days until I finally got to go there and they didn’t disappoint. Shaka has a variety of Smoothie Bowls and is your perfect option for healthy delicious meals. It is also the perfect place to get some work done as they have some decent wifi (and I really liked the atmosphere when working there).

Tastes as good as it looks! This amazing smoothie bowl was a highlight of being vegan in the Philippines.
Last Filling Station

Just steps away from my accommodation, I was bound to go there at some point. You can veganize many of their vegetarian dishes. I just went there once and really felt like noodles so I can’t tell you about more fancy meals.

Simple but tasty!
VEN’Z Kitchen

Unfortunately, I only got to go there once because they are closed on Sundays. But they are most definitely worth checking out. They have a whole page on their menu with just vegan dishes, so you’ll surely find something you like.

I’m always up for a vegetable curry!
Their vegan menu!
Smooth Cafe

They have one vegan option at Smooth Cafe; a vegan falafel sandwich. That one was so good that I actually would’ve gone to Smooth Cafe again if I had had more time in Moalboal. The atmosphere at the cafe is also really nice.

I would eat this again anytime.
The Pleasure Principle

This place is a little bit more expensive but has great food quality. They have a couple of vegetarian options that they can veganize.

My free starter
After explaining to them what I could and could not eat, they were very helpful to recommend me one of their dishes.

If you want some inspiration on what to do in Moalboal and where to stay, check out my travel guide to Moalboal.

Cebu City

Lun-Haw Vegan Cafe
Such a cute place.

They are a completely vegan place with lots of vegan options. However, not all of them are always available. I think they didn’t have the first two things I wanted to order. However, I didn’t mind since the BBQ cauliflower bites I had were amazing. For dessert, I also tried their banana bowl which was alright.

The amazing BBQ bites!
Live Life

This place, located a short drive away from the city center, was one of my favorite vegan places in the Philippines. They have a big menu with a lot of options. I went here for my last night in the Philippines and enjoyed their delicious food.

Garlic bread…
… and couscous.
Vegan Yum

Not a great place to have your food (because not very cozy) but just take it to go and be happy. They have more of vegan fast food. They also have a normal shop where they sell all kinds of products (not just vegan ones).

El Nido

The Nesting Table at The Birdhouse
Best view in El Nido

Can we please take a minute to appreciate the beauty of this place? Definitely worth going to for sunset. Even though very pretty, the Birdhouse can be easily missed. When walking along Las Cabanas/Maremegmeg Beach, look for the signs you can see in the picture below. You will then walk through a forest and climb some Pinterest worthy stairs before reaching your place of desire. They don’t have a big menu but a lot of their options are vegan.

This was very delicious!
Their menu
This is where you have to go left
Boodle Fight

This place was located very close to my accommodation. They only have a couple of vegan options but perfect for when you don’t want to go far.

Paul’s Magic Vegan Veggie Snacks

I wish I would have had the time to check out this place. Paul’s little stall is located in the center of El Nido. Since he prepares all his food fresh by himself, it might take some time until it’s ready. When I went to order, he informed me that he wouldn’t be able to prepare it until 30 minutes later. But it smelled amazing and probs to him for honestly telling me right away.

Definitely wish I would have had more time to check this out!


Al Fresco

Not many vegan options but you can have some good pasta. The owner is Italian so you probably won’t find many places in the Philippines with better pasta.

Shaka at Alona Beach

I haven’t been to this particular one but Shaka was my go-to place in Moalboal.

Balili Oasis Heritage Lodge

Even if you aren’t staying there, you can enjoy their vegan breakfast options.

A few vegan options here.


Levine’s Eatery

They have a bunch of vegan options. I tried their curry with tofu (loved the curry but the tofu wasn’t that good, so consider just ordering the plain curry) and their delicious vegan burger. I would have loved to try their vegan chickpea pancakes for breakfast but unfortunately didn’t have the time.

Tasted better than it looks 😀
Ala – E Hippie House

Not that many vegan options but a great place to go for some drinks. Super cozy, amazing live music and great atmosphere.

Puerto Princesa

Stellar Grounds

Stellar Grounds was still in the making when I was in Puerto Princesa. But luckily, the restaurant was already open. You won’t come here for the vegan menu though, they don’t have a large variety. However, Stellar Grounds is a beautiful place, so having a meal there is definitely worth it.

Hummus is always a good idea!
House of Siam

Truth be told, this Thai place only has two vegan options (spring rolls and rice paper rolls). The only reason I went here was because it is located right next to Namaskar Vegetarian House and they were closed even though they were supposed to be open. The waitress was really nice though!

Not too many options when vegan in the Philippines!



In addition to their vegan sandwich, they also have some vegetable dishes that are vegan/can be made vegan.

Vegan sandwich with fries.


Neptune Diving Resort

The food here (I had the vegetable curry) was the best I’ve had during my time in the Philippines. It was so freshly made that we saw the cook getting coconuts while we were waiting for our food.

As you can see, even though it might be challenging it is still entirely possible to be vegan in the Philippines. Have you been to the Philippines before? Any vegan places I’ve missed?

I would love for you to tag me in your posts if you go to the Philippines and try out any of these places!

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Luca February 6, 2020 - 14:42

Try to take a look about luca loko restaurant in siquijor
Many vegan oprions

Katja Kaven February 6, 2020 - 20:23

Hi Luca! Thank you, that is great to know!!


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