Vegan in Canggu – Your Vegan Food Guide

by Katja Kaven

First of all, if you’re a vegan in Canggu, don’t you worry! Even if you’re just strolling down the streets in the main area (around Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong), chances are high that you’ll end up in a restaurant or cafe with plenty of vegan options. Still, there are some places that I’d definitely recommend you go to!

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The best vegan food in Canggu

There are my favorite vegan restaurants during my time in Canggu. I’ve been to each of them a few times because of their delicious food, cool atmosphere and (mostly) good prices.

Alkaline Restaurant

The Alkaline restaurant belongs to the Serenity Eco Guesthouse where I stayed for four weeks after my yoga teacher training at another place had been cancelled. So obviously, I’ve had my fair share of meals here – including almost every breakfast during that time, as that was included.

Alkaline Restaurant, outside seating; best vegan food in Canggu
Alkaline Restaurant

It’s located on Jalan Nelayan (a parallel street of Canggu’s main street). In addition, it’s a two-minute walk from the beach, so consider watching the sunset there before heading to Alkaline for dinner. You can choose between sitting at a normal table or at one of these cute tables (see picture below) where you can dine while sitting in lotus – in true yogi fashion. Needless to say, I’ve had most of my meals up there.

Eating like a yogi

Alkaline’s menu is very extensive so be prepared to check it out for a few minutes before being able to make a decision. The best thing about it? All of it is vegan and they have a lot of raw options as well. Their motto is “Let our food be your medicine”. They have everything starting with breakfast, as well as raw and cooked main dishes, and finally delicious desserts. Furthermore, they have a whole section of smoothies, juices, and healthy shots. Everyone should be able to find something.

My recommendations

Vegetable spring rolls, whole crepes, green lasagna (I didn’t have that one as I don’t like mushrooms, but it’s a classic here), peanut butter bar, chocolate cake with homemade sorbet (the peanut butter one is amazing)

Vegan raw dessert in Canggu
Raw peanut butter bar

Peloton Supershop

Honestly, one of my biggest regrets in Bali is not checking out Peloton Supershop until the second time I was in Canggu. This is my top choice for being vegan in Canggu! While their main courses are quite tasty as well, it’s the desserts you should go here for! Just take a look at this deliciousness:

Best vegan dessert in Canggu
Nicely decorated with flowers
My recommendations

The raw snickers slice, hands down! Seriously, you’re missing out if you don’t go for it. I also loved the vegan ice cream, especially the salted caramel one.


If you’ve ever looked up “vegan in Canggu”, there is no way you didn’t come across CRATE Café. This hip place is located next to a rice field on Jalan Canggu Padang Linjong. The open and stylish café is inspired by Bondi beach and makes for a chill atmosphere, with both surfers and yogis enjoying the very instagrammable food. They serve bowls, smoothies and more.

CRATE cafe interior, most popular for vegans in Canggu
One of THE places to go to in Canggu!

It is definitely on the more expensive end of the places I’m sharing with you today. But it really is worth it. So while I didn’t come here on a regular basis, I’d definitely advise you to check it out. Just better don’t come in a big group, as it might be hard to find a free space at the tables even for one to two persons during breakfast time.

My recommendations

Why so cereal (a breakfast bowl) or the vegan brownies (hands down, possibly the best ones I’ve ever had).

Vegan bowl and vegan smoothie
Every Instagrammer’s dream

Fun fact: CRATE Cafe is where I finalized my blog before launching it in September 2018.

Betelnut Cafe

Betelnut Café is located on Canggu s main street Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong, just pretty far up. It has a cool atmosphere and the big tables in the middle of the room upstairs make it easy to meet people. A little warning, it may take you some time to make a decision on what to order.

You can choose from a variety of different cuisines; Mexican, burgers, and Indonesian. There are many vegan options and you can also easily veganize most of the other ones. They have a famous Naga Bowl which I didn’t get to try as I was only there for dinners.

My recommendations

Try the Quinoa bowl but with beetroot balls instead of chicken. No matter what you decide on getting, the Beetroot balls are delicious – a must-try for every vegan in Canggu!

Vegan bowl in Canggu
Quinoa Bowl with beetroot balls

Samadi Kitchen

Samadi Kitchen was the first place I went to eat after arriving in Bali (check out my blog post about my first days in Bali here). It belongs to the yoga studio Samadi and is located on Jalan Padang Linjong, a good 20 minutes walking distance from the beach.

The atmosphere at Samadi Kitchen is very relaxed

It is an open restaurant with a view of the beautiful yoga shala which makes for a nice atmosphere. Kinda feels like you are in a little oasis. They have breakfast, main dishes, raw food, juices, and a selection of desserts in the vitrine.

My recommendations

Go for the summer rolls (they are listed at spring rolls) for a fresh dinner that will leave you feeling healthy and happy.


Warungs are the more traditional (and cheaper) version of restaurants in Bali. Usually, you can either choose your own plate from the buffet or order something from a small menu. The buffet contains rice, noodles, different kinds of vegetables, and variations of meat or tempeh. Just ask the staff what is vegan. The first time being at a Warung, I was actually so overwhelmed I just asked them to put together a vegan plate. Depending on the amount of food you choose, you’ll pay anywhere from 10 to 40k Rupiah (which is about 0,60-2,30 €).

On the menu, there are usually different variations of Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng. So basically rice or noodles with vegetables. Just make sure to tell them to leave out the egg (and obviously choose one without meat), and you’re good to go.

The best Warungs in Canggu
  • Warung Varuna. I’ve had the best Mie Goreng here.
  • Warung Middle. You can enjoy your traditional Indonesian food while overlooking the ocean.
  • Warung Bu Mi. The quality of the food and the variety of options are amazing.
  • Warung Makan 2. Associated with Warung Varuna and is right up the street from Serenity Eco Guesthouse, so just out of convenience I went there quite a few times (the food is also really good in case you were wondering, you might just have a smaller choice compared to other Warungs).
This is what your plate might look like

Other good vegan food in Canggu

I’ve enjoyed all of these places as well. However, I only went to them once which is why they didn’t make my list of favorites.

Plant Cartel

This could have made it to my favorites, but I told you that I’ve checked out all of those more than once. And I didn’t discover plant cartel until my last week in Canggu. They have burgers and Tacos and are completely vegan, as the name suggests. If you’re really hungry, try the loaded fries.

Find yourself someone who looks at you the way I look at these loaded fries

Vida Cafe

A beautiful little restaurant with a tropical feeling. The healthy bowl was nice but honestly way too much for me.

Healthy Bowl at Vida Cafe, vegan in Canggu
Healthy Bowl

Avocado Factory

Considering I’m not really a fan of Avocados, this really means a lot. But they have a beautiful location next to the rice paddies and their vegan food is amazing (even if with lots of avos).

Vegan breakfast Canggu
This will look so good on your Instagram 😉

The Shady Shack Bali

I don’t have a lot to say about this place – beautiful outside sitting area and great vegan food. Definitely worth checking out!

Some more vegan food in Canggu

One should think that having been in Canggu for over four weeks, I should have been able to check out every single vegan restaurant/café. But being lazy, wanting to save money for some trips, and having places I wanted to return to again and again, led to me still having some places I want to visit the next time I’m in Canggu. Those include La Laguna and Green Ginger Noodle House.

So if you happen to be in Canggu, make sure to check those out too and let me know how you liked them! (Same applies if you’ve already been). Also tag me if you check out any of these places and let me know if you have any questions!

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