Vegan in Hobart – Your Vegan Food Guide to Hobart

by Katja Kaven

Good news for all you vegans visiting Hobart: there are actually a lot of places around the city where you can get delicious vegan food. I didn’t even have enough time to try them all out. So, you should definitely be covered on your next visit to Hobart. Let me present to you your guide on how to be vegan in Hobart.

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Kombi Cafe & Smoothie Bar – Vegan breakfast in Hobart

Now, this place is a real gem. Located at Battery Point, it is slightly outside of the immediate city center. However, it is definitely worth the walk/drive. They have a few places outside, as well as some inside of their very cozy cafe with a cute interior. I felt very comfortable from the beginning.

Apart from that, they obviously have some delicious vegan options (otherwise, I wouldn’t be telling you about this place). Their bowls are not vegan by default but talk to the staff, and they’ll veganize them for you. I went for the snickers bowl and what can I say, it tasted as good as it looks.

Vegan smoothie bowl in Hobart
Veganized Snickers Bowl

Farmer Gate Market

The Farmer Gate Market Hobart is happening every Sunday from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm (find out more things to do in Hobart in my blog post here). It is located on Bathurst Street. I saw a few vegan stalls or stalls with vegan options while strolling over the market. For instance, the Raw Dealer has a selection of vegan cakes and treats, Eden Pantry offers vegan ice cream, and Señor Frijoles has vegan rancheros.

The place I actually tried was Orlando Plenty. They offer vegan pancakes (sweet or savory), a curry bowl, and a cauliflower burger all of which looked really nice. I went for the savory pancakes and was very happy with my decision, they were amazing.

Vegan pancakes in Hobart
This savory pancake was too delicious to not include it in your guide on how to be vegan in Hobart!

The Duke

Located just up the street from my hostel, this cozy pub not only has great live music most of the days. In addition, they have a few vegan options on their menu. Ask for extra sauce on your pizza and vegan cheese. The dips I also shared with a friend of mine were quite nice, my favorite was the spicy capsicum one.

Vegan pizza in Hobart
All vegan!

Veg Bar – THE place to go for a vegan in Hobart

This fancy place is honestly a dream for vegans. I mean just have a look at that menu! Everything is completely plant-based yet they still have lots of options. Unfortunately, Veg Bar is about a 20-minute walk outside of Hobart center but let me tell you that this walk is so worth it.

THE place to go for vegan food in Hobart
I know this doesn’t look vegan but trust me when I say it is!

Not only does Veg Bar have this amazing menu, but there are also desserts on display and they have a separate dessert menu. If you know me at, you know that this is always a plus for me!

Vegan dessert in Hobart
The desserts are worth a try!

Cafe Lola

This lovely place is located on Franklin Wharf, a pretty central location. They offer a few vegan options. Amongst them are these flaxseed pancakes with coconut ice cream, syrup and fruits which tasted even better than they looked. Other vegan options include smashed avo and a burrito bowl.

Vegan breakfast in Hobart
Delicious breakfast!

Ja & Jon Banh Mi

Vietnamese food right in the middle of the pedestrian street mall in Hobart – what more could you ask for? Their lemongrass tofu is delicious and you got a few other vegan options to pick from.

Vegan food in Hobart


Another Vietnamese place not far away from the center. They have a bunch of delicious vegan options as indicated on their menu. I liked their tofu rice paper rolls so much I went back to Unphogettable again just to have them for lunch. So naturally, I had to include them in your vegan food guide to Hobart.

Pulp Friction

I discovered this cute place after doing Yoga in Davis Park in the morning. And Pulp Friction provided the perfect after-yoga breakfast. I had a warm banana porridge and a smoothie. In addition, I had a really great conversation with the woman working there.

Vegan breakfast in Hobart
The oatmeal was a great breakfast!

They do takeaway as well, so I actually saw lots of people getting their breakfast or lunch from there. The woman working there told me that she always tries to have all lunches ready for opening time at 8 am so that people can already get their lunch on the way to work.

San Churro

San Churro is a chain with many locations all over Australia. I have no idea why Hobart was the first place I’ve come across one. And I honestly wish I would’ve discovered them sooner. Just have a look at their vegan menu here. Yup, that’s not their whole menu, just the vegan options.

Needless to say, I came here multiple times to test their menu. While probably all of their vegan options are amazing, my favorite thing was The Happy Vegan. This is the thing to get when you want to treat yourself. I mean, look at it – churro, ice cream, caramel, chocolate, Oreos, and strawberries. Can it get any better?

Vegan dessert in Hobart
Vegan Heaven!

Considering how often I went there, I just had to include San Churro in your vegan food guide to Hobart.

Heartfood Cafe

Small, very affordable place. They have some dishes, as well as you can choose 1-3 toppings for rice or noodles. At Heartfood Cafe, you can also get dessert which I didn’t try.


This place with Nepalese and Indian food is a perfect place for backpackers. It is comparatively cheap but still delicious. They have a separate vegan menu, they will give to you if you ask for it. The chickpea and potato curry was delicious, filling and warmed me up a lot (it was quite cold outside). It is an interesting atmosphere as they have a few “posh” elements but it still is also a takeaway place.

The Brick Factory

Located right at Salamanca Square – one of my favorite places in Hobart – the Brick Factory is not really a vegan place. However, they do have vegan cheese for pizza and maybe one or two other options.

Vegan pizza in Hobart
Pizza with vegan cheese.

Botanica Bar

Botanica Bar is located on Salamanca Square which is a very nice spot to eat (and right across from San Churro for dessert). They don’t have any food labeled as vegan on their menu, but when I asked they gave me a few options. So don’t be shy, just go and talk to the waiters.

I had the Tofu Tacos which tasted very good. However, as you can see, they are not the biggest, so you might want to consider ordering something else (or more tacos) when you are really hungry.

Apart from the portion size, it was very nice here!

Red Square Cafe

Now, this place isn’t technically in Hobart city center. However, if you are in Tasmania, chances are pretty high that you will fly out of Hobart. So, you can remain rested knowing that there is a place at the airport that offers vegan bagels, wraps, and treats.

Vegan at Hobart Airport
My airport snack

As you can see, there are plenty of vegan options in Hobart. Check out my other vegan food guides to Australian places here and here. Let me know if I missed any favorite places of yours that also offers vegan options in the comments below!

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Pieter Verasdonck June 30, 2022 - 06:42

The Tassie vegan experience would be greatly helped if you can focus on the chemicals in omnivore food.
They influence like drugs, floating in body, cells and brain. Think of the fears of cow adrenaline at abattoir, pecking order of chickens. As you know. herbivore food is tasty, nourishing, makes better use of land… is sustainable and allows humanity to grow on exoplanets without harming local life. The human adventure has barely started.
Darwin never meant the law of nature to come inside community with all is services, protection, infrastructure.
Rather than blaming people for liking what they were taught when humans were few and nature a danger, consider that we are many now and nature in retreat. Morals have to be updated. Since many do not care about mammals or religious values, Earth (humanity) needs Ahimsa Laws. People are not Apex Predators by definition, but can be multicultural meritocrats. Many asocial practices have been banned, like marrying relatives, duels, theft, murder, etc.
Mammal ‘domestication’ is the new slavery. It takes law and time to rid society of this scourge.

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Wow, you’ve really inspired me!

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