Your Vegan Food Guide for Byron Bay

by Katja Kaven

You’ve made it to Byron Bay! Congratulations, you are in my favorite place in Australia and an awesome spot to be vegan. I loved all my food options in Byron Bay, so keep reading for your vegan food guide to Byron Bay!

If you are looking for things to do in and around Byron Bay, make sure to check out my blog post here.

Top tip: Did you know that I added vegan food highlights to my Instagram? That way you can find recommendations even for places I haven’t made a blog post on yet!


This is probably the best vegan place you will find in Byron Bay and one of the best ones in all of Australia. Elixiba is a completely plant-based restaurant. You will find exotic things like Coco-Mari, Jackfruit Burger or Tower of Heaven on their menu. The wait can be a little bit longer because they prepare their food fresh, so just make sure you’ll bring enough time.

Coco-Mari and Tofu Skewers.

And did I mention that you can get an amazing dessert at Elixiba? Seriously, if you are in Byron Bay and don’t go to Elixiba, you’re missing out big time!

The “Tower of Heaven”

Goodies Juice Bar

I seriously couldn’t not mention this place, considering I’ve had breakfast here more than half of the days of my stay. And if I didn’t have breakfast there, I probably went back during the day for a smoothie or an acai bowl. I’m sure they have a lot of great options but on my first day in Byron Bay, I fell in love with their cocoa bowl, so that’s what I had most of the times. It is not only my favorite bowl ever but also very fair priced compared to some other places around Byron Bay.

The PB sealed the deal for me!


This pretty place was located right around the corner from our hostel, so of course, I’ve had to check it out (multiple times). They have a large variety of vegan options. I liked their acai bowl and little treats but my favorite was their buckwheat pancakes.

Look at this goodness!
Their bowls are delicious as well.


I’d definitely recommend this cozy little place with a promising name. I’ve noticed them because they were giving out free falafels one day when I left the beach. These definitely convinced me to check out Orgasmic Falafel. You have multiple options – starting from simple wraps, ranging all the way to huge platters.

I am a huge fan of all things made out of chickpeas!

Finn Poke

This Australian chain not only has a few vegan options, but you can also create your own poke bowl. If you didn’t know, poke bowls were originally made by Hawaiian fishermen. The original poke bowls consisted of raw fish and seaweed served on rice. Finn Poke mixes hot and cold elements with raw or cooked meat/fish/tofu/beetroot, so you have a little bit more choice.

Other Places

Bay Kebabs is located on Johnson St, so pretty close to Byron Bay’s main beach. Their Vegetarian Falafel is vegan as well and pretty good.

Acai Bowls are an abundance in Byron Bay – which I don’t mind at all. I discovered Byron Bay Juice Bar because my usual acai place was closed and let me tell you, this one is worth stopping by as well! It’s located on Lawson Street, almost directly at the main beach.

Being able to eat at the beach is always a plus!

While Espressohead doesn’t have a bunch of vegan options, it’ll do for going there once. I had the vegan porridge and was very happy with it.

Guzman y Gomez can veganize most of their options. They are located on Johnson Street.

As you can see, you won’t go hungry as a vegan in Byron Bay! Have you ever been to Byron Bay? Did I miss any good places?

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