Things to Do in and around Byron Bay

by Katja Kaven

Planning your trip to Byron Bay? First of all, I’m very jealous of you, Byron was definitely my favorite place on the East Coast. Who am I kidding, it was probably my favorite place in Australia. Second of all, you are in for a great time. To make sure of that, I’ll tell you about my favorite things to do in and around Byron Bay.

Hike up to the Light House – for Sunrise and Sunset

If you ever are in Byron Bay, you have to go to the Light House at least twice in my opinion – once for sunrise and once for sunset. More walks up there are definitely always welcome. The lighthouse is located a 35 to 50-minute walk away from the center, depending on which way you’re going. The walk next to the street going up to the lighthouse is faster and I’d recommend choosing that one when you’re going for sunrise since that means you’ll be able to sleep longer.

(by Mollie Bylett) The lighthouse shortly before sunrise.
The sunset from the lighthouse.

The other walk, however, is definitely prettier. It goes along the coastline and also passes the Easternmost Point of Australia’s mainland. Once you are up at the lighthouse, you’ll have a great view of Byron Bay and its surrounding beaches. The lighthouse itself is quite pretty as well, so it makes a great photo spot. Definitely a must of the things to do in and around Byron Bay

Chill at the Main Beach

Now, this might not sound like a big deal. But I just love the atmosphere in Byron Bay. If you’re spending time at the main beach area, you’re almost guaranteed to meet cool people. In addition, oftentimes there are amazing (or crazy!) artists performing. But just the view on the sea alone is worth chilling at the Main Beach, in my opinion.

And, I can’t forget to mention that Sammy hangs around by the Main Beach in his Ratpack Travel HQ (which is a van, how cool is that?!). So, go pay him a visit to plan the rest of your adventure in Australia.

Go Kayaking with Dolphins

If you want to have a really good time, one of your things to do in and around Byron Bay should definitely include going kayaking with dolphins. This adventure takes about three hours – you go out as a group and your guides will tell you a lot of interesting facts about the surroundings of Byron Bay and the sea life. We got to see a few dolphins from the distance as well as a turtle up close. Beware when surfing back to the beach though. If the wave is too big, you might capsize like my friend and I did. We still had an amazing time though!

(by Mollie Bylett) Such a fun experience!

You can book your kayaking trip through Ratpack Travel. If you use Where’s Mollie?’s discount code MOLLIE10, you get 10% off all your bookings.

Take a Surf Lesson

You can’t go to Byron Bay without going for a surf. Well, you can but it just wouldn’t be the same. If you are a newbie to surfing, this is a great place to get into it. I can recommend Black Dog Surfschool. Again, Sammy from Ratpack Travel can get you a great deal. If you use Where’s Mollie?’s discount code MOLLIE10, you get 10% off all your bookings.

A surf is definitely one of the things to do in and around Byron Bay for me!

Go on a Road Trip with the Happy Coach

While I did do a road trip on the Happy Coach, I didn’t actually do the normal Happy Coach tour because I was on the Where’s Mollie Global Travelers Adventure and we had a special tour. (Check out my blog post on why YOU should join a WMGT Adventure). Usually, the Happy Bus does a tour to Nimbin with a stop at the Killen Falls on the way. Make sure to book your Happy Coach trip through Ratpack Travel. If you use Where’s Mollie?’s discount code MOLLIE10, you get 10% off all your bookings.

Looks as fun as it is!

Do the Three Sisters Track

No, I’m not talking about the Kardashians. Neither about the identically named famous spot in the Blue Mountains (blog post coming soon). This stunning coastal walk is located at Broken Head, 15 minutes by car or 45 by bike from Byron Bay. Walk past beautiful spots and nice views of secluded beaches, rocky coves, and rainforest. The walk is 1.6 km return and should take you about half an hour. It may take you a lot longer though to take in the views, take some pictures, and maybe even spot some whales.

One of the stunning views!

Not far away, your next thing of the things to do in and around Byron Bay awaits.

Go for a swim in the Tea Tree Lake (or Ti-Tree Lake)

If you continue from the Three Sisters Track onto the beach heading towards Byron Bay, it won’t be long until you reach the Ti-Tree Lake Aboriginal Area. Now, what is so special about this place?

Well, apart from being a fun spot to go swimming with not too many people around and without any waves, the water appears to be black on the surface. However, once you go in, the water changes to a reddish brown – because of the native tea trees around the lake. They give their healing elixir to the water. Tea tree oil boosts the immune system, relieves pain and opens up pores. So, you’re basically doing something for your health!

(by Mollie Bylett) Yes, this is us in the lake.

Visit The Farm

This is probably more of an Instagram stop. You can hire a bike and take a one-hour long ride to the Farm. Apart from its animals and restaurant, this place is known for its beautiful rows of sunflowers. However, when we were at the Farm, there weren’t that many left alive. So, if you are just going here to take some nice pictures, make sure that you’ll actually find some sunflowers. The Farm is still a fun place without them though!

In between the few sunflowers that were still blooming.

Party at the Silent Disco

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a Silent Disco. But if you haven’t, this is definitely the place to try it. Byron Bay’s Silent Disco is located right on the main beach. Headphones are for hire for 10$ on weekdays and 15$ on the weekend. You’ll be able to choose from three different channels – charts, electro, and oldies (just to give you a rough differentiation).

Honestly, the night we went to the Silent Disco has been one of the best nights of my life. Everyone just goes crazy, dances and jumps around the beach, and runs into the water. So, so, so much fun!

Have Some Amazing Vegan Food

Check out my vegan food guide to Byron Bay here!

These are my top things to do in and around Byron Bay. I hope you’re hyped for your time in there! Please share any further tips or let me know how you’ve liked my recommendations.

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