Nusa Penida What to Do – The Best Places to Go to on Nusa Penida

by Katja Kaven

Traveling Bali and planning a trip to the Nusa Islands? Good call, let me help you by telling you what to do on Nusa Penida. While you’re here, definitely check out Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan as well. I have a guide on how to explore the smaller two Nusa Islands by foot.

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How to get to Nusa Penida

How to get to Nusa Penida from Sanur or Padang Bai

There are multiple boats going from Sanur and Padang Bai to Nusa Penida each day. Get there early to find the cheapest option or look online to find a good deal where they pick you up for free in Canggu or wherever you might be.

How to get to Nusa Penida from Nusa Lembongan

From Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida is only a 10-minute boat drive away. There are two main operators at the yellow bridge. At one of them, you pay 60k IDR (3,60€) and you leave whenever the boat is full which could mean anywhere between five to thirty minutes of waiting. The other one is more expensive when there are less than four people. However, when you are a group of four, you pay 50k IDR (3€) and leave right away. You can also easily do a Nusa Penida day trip from Nusa Lembongan.

How to get around on Nusa Penida

You’ll be welcomed by taxi/scooter drivers as soon as you reach the beach of Nusa Penida. If you don’t plan on renting a scooter or get picked up by your accommodation, they are honestly not a bad option. Just make sure to bargain.
If you plan on renting a scooter, there is the possibility to do so right next to the beach you arrive at as well. You should only do so though if you are 100% confident in driving. The main road on Nusa Penida is fine but in order to get to all the popular places, you’ll have to drive on gravel roads.

You can also hire a driver for the day. This will be more expensive than in Bali (most start at 700k IDR – 42 € a day). I know a nice driver who will drive you around (and supply you with free food and drinks) for 500k IDR (30€), so hit me up if you need someone.

The best way to get around (in my opinion) though, would be to find a local to drive you around in the back of his/her scooter. The bumpy roads are much more bearable on a scooter than in a car.

We explored the East Coast of Nusa Penida with these two locals.

Places to visit on Nusa Penida

East Coast

I‘m telling you about things to do in Nusa Penida on the East Coast first because I actually think the East Coast is underrated. Most day tours explore the West Coast but I actually preferred it here.

Diamond Beach

My absolute favorite spot on Nusa Penida. Just look at this picture! I could’ve spent hours enjoying that view. Diamond beach is definitely along Nusa Penida’s best beaches and shouldn’t be skipped when planning what to do on Nusa Penida.

Diamond Beach one of the best beaches on Nusa Penida - shouldn't miss when planning Nusa Penida what to do
Isn’t this absolutely gorgeous?

The way down to Diamond Beach is an adventure for sure. After making it down these stairs, you’ll have to do some rock climbing. The beach down there is very nice and not crowded at all.

Not an easy descent!
Atuh Beach

Atuh beach is located right next to Diamond beach. The descent is much easier here. Make sure to enjoy your view from the various viewpoints on your way down.

Atuh Beach, part of what to do on Nusa Penida
View from one of the viewpoints

However, while this beach is still nice, it’s just a beach after all. Definitely a good place to spend the day at but the view is not as special as at Diamond beach (in my opinion).

Rumah Pohon

Rumah Pohon means treehouse and that’s exactly what this is. You might have seen pictures from this place on Instagram, as it is kind of Instagram-famous. What you might not know is that there are three tree houses, one of which you can book a stay in.

Two of the tree houses

Rumah Pohon is just a short drive away from Diamon Beach and Atuh Beach. The tree houses definitely belong on my list of things to do in Nusa Penida. If you don’t plan on staying in one of them, just enjoy the beautiful view on Diamond beach.

Nice view included!
Teletubbies Hills

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the Teletubbies hills. I still included them because they look really cool! Tell me how you liked them if you’ve been there.

West Coast

While the places on the east coast are all close together, you should plan on driving for an hour or more between these sights on the west coast. Apart from Angel‘s Billabong and Broken beach, which are right next to each other, the bumpy roads require some time.

Kelingking Beach

Another Instagram-famous place on Nusa Penida. Kelingking means „Pinkie-finger“ as people thought it kinda looked like a hand with an extended pinkie. However, in recent years, Kelingking beach has become more famous for looking like a T-Rex. Pinkie or T-Rex? You decide!

A must of things to do on Nusa Penida - Kelingking Beach
The famous picture spot at Kelingking Beach

Whatever you think this looks like, this place is definitely worth a visit. No pictures could prepare us for the way down though. It is a climb rather than a walk.

This picture doesn’t do the climb justice!

We just went halfway down to the viewpoint, not all the way to the beach, as we wanted to make it to Angels Billabong in time for low tide.

Angels Billabong

This natural infinity pool is just stunning. Make sure to come at low tide to see it in its full beauty. This is also the only time you’ll be able to go for a swim.

Nusa Penida what to do? Definitely go visit this stunning natural infinity pool!
Doesn’t this look gorgeous?

There is no guarantee though! Even though we were there right at low tide and the water didn’t move one bit during the whole time we were there, we weren’t allowed to go inside as it was „too dangerous“. Kind of ironic after the descends at Diamond and Kelingking beach but oh well. It is still amazing.

Broken Beach

Broken beach is just a few steps away from Angel‘s Billabong. It is exactly what its name promises – a cliff with a hole in it, so a broken beach. You can walk all the way around to enjoy different views.

For all the photo lovers, there are also podiums all around you can climb up on to get the perfect shot.

Nusa Penida what to do? Check out Broken Beach!
Taken from one of the podiums.
Crystal Beach

I‘m honestly not sure why Crystal beach is so popular. Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful beach to spend your day at – just nothing special.

You can see a nice sunset there though and there are some Warungs with nice – and cheap – food.

Going to Nusa Penida? Make sure to check out these places and let me know which ones you liked best! Also tag me in your pictures and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions!

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