Must-See Places around Tasmania

by Katja Kaven

Looked down on by Mainland-Australians, sometimes not even seen as a part of Australia (I got asked whether it was close to Australia while there), and often compared to New Zealand – Tasmania really is a special place. Highly underrated, in my opinion, that’s why I’m sharing with you some of the must-see places around Tasmania. I just had one week to travel around Tasmania, so this blog post is without claim to be exhaustive. It is just meant to make you want to come here.

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If you are interested in things to do in and around Hobart, stay tuned for my next blog post. This post just concentrates on places around the island state.

Frecynet National Park: Wineglass Bay

I’ve been told that Wineglass Bay is one of the ten most beautiful beaches of the world. And I can certainly see why. The perfectly white sand, the clear water, the shape.

Definitely some nice views!

The reason for the name Wineglass Bay isn’t as romantic though. Because of all the whaling that used to go on there, the water was always colored red. Combined with the shape it reminded people of a wineglass.

Don’t let that scare you away though – nowadays, whaling is forbidden in Australia and this beach is not one to miss!

Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain easily makes my top 3 places in Tasmania and is therefore one of the must-see places around Tasmania. This gem is located right next to stunning Dove Lake which often has perfect reflections. You can walk around Dove Lake which should take you about two hours and makes for some stunning views.

I couldn’t get enough of the reflection on Dove Lake.

Or take it a step further and hike up Cradle Mountain. There are different tracks and lookouts. We went up to Marion’s Lookout which was a fun but challenging hike that took us about 50 minutes up. Cradle Mountain is also the starting point of the Overland Track which goes all the way to Lake St Clair.

Montezuma Falls

At 110 meters, Montezuma Falls is Tasmania’s highest waterfall, so definitely worth a visit. The 8 km return walk should take you around 2 ½ – 3 hours. If you are visiting during rain like we did, it is going to be an adventurous walk trying not to get your feet wet. You’ll be rewarded with an absolutely impressive waterfall though. If you are feeling extra adventurous, go onto the suspension bridge with view of the falls. I am going to warn you though, this is nothing for anyone afraid of heights. I love heights but even I didn’t want to spend too much time on that narrow and pretty high and slippery bridge.

Bay of Fires

Welcome to 50km of beautiful white beaches and clear water. Lonely Planet has even named Bay of Fires as the hottest travel destination in the world. So, what are you waiting for? Walk along the beach, check out the cool stones, and go for a dip in the water. Easily one of the must-see places around Tasmania.

Definitely one of the must-see places around Tasmania for me!

Henty Dunes

Located in Tasmania’s West, this is such a fun spot. Amongst all of Tasmania’s rainforest these dunes actually extend for 15 km along the coast. Some of the dunes are up to 30 meters high and make the perfect location for some sandboarding or just jumping around.

Russell Falls

If you are just half the waterfall lover I am, you will appreciate these ones. Located in Mount Field National Park they feature not one but two drops. They are easily accessible by a 20-minute round trip on a paved walking track. On the way, you will also see some of Australia’s biggest trees that can grow up to a meter a year. There are some other waterfalls located not too far away, including the Horseshoe Falls, but we didn’t get to check those out.

Are you a fan of waterfalls as well?

Some Honorable Mentions

There are many more great places around Tasmania that just maybe aren’t as impressive as the ones mentioned so far. These are the ones:

Tarraleah Power Station: This hydroelectric power station is located in the Central Highlands of Tasmania and is just very impressive.

Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park: Go here for some stunning views. We went on a 45-minute return walk to a lookout.

Cataract Gorge: just a couple of minutes away from Launceston center, this unique natural formation is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

Bicheno Sanctuary: feed kangaroos, watch the Tasmanian devil, and support a place that actually tries to release the animals back into nature.

Pro Tip: If you are staying in Bicheno overnight, you can go to the beach at night and spot penguins coming back to the shore. Just please make sure to not use any flashlights – that’s torture for them! You can cover up your flashlight with your hand to make a red light.

So, what are you waiting for? Tasmania is just waiting for you to explore it! Have you ever been before? If so, please share below what must-see places I missed.

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